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Scatherran Forest, Part II

Not all of Scatherran is bright and green. In the north, the zone turns dark and gloomy. A perfect place to hang out in, if the day just isn’t going your way 😉


There are darker areas in Scatherran as well, where even the most hardy of Ascended should tread carefully. The Dark Forest is the hunting grounds of the Tuath’de, where they pursue all who enter, in their thirst for violence. Legends even tell of the foreboding Wyrd Hut, the site of sacrifices to dark powers in eons past. Carved out of a huge, ancient gnarled tree, the bones of the victims can still be seen inside.

Plenty of unnatural inhabitants prove a threat to aspiring explorers in Forest, including strange simulacra of the magical inhabitants of this region. While they share a superficial similarity with the more benign denizens, a subtle corruption is often discernable within these creatures. Shards of Ahnket are also known to roam about the forest on missions from Ahnket itself, although the exact reasons for some of their actions are as yet shrouded in mystery.

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