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Easter Egg Hunt – The Winners

As I had sufficient codes to do this, I’m making this an Oprah moment – everyone’s a winner! 

So, the winners for this year’s Easter (Dragon) Egg Hunt are:

– Mrsgirl@gelidra
– Setsy@greybriar
– caduto@gelidra
– Christalize@Wolfsbane
– Makerofwidows@faeblight
– Eudtha
– Inconstancy@Tiphyria
– Killuwa@Faeblight
– Fastapoke@zaviel
– Fastrid@Typhiria
– lilyianna@faeblight
– Randeth@faeblight
– Solarum@Greybriar
– Mammabear@Wolfsbane
– Jandriana@Faeblight
– Rubyheart@greybriar
– Arxipis@Gelidra
– Urshaak@Typhiria
– Mizukii@faeblight
– Wryn@Brutwacht
– Teekahh@wolfsbane
– Alakazaam@Faeblight
– Scanna@Gelidra
– elisawen@zaviel
– thelarry@greybriar
– Booster@greybriar
– Kezhan@Brisesol
– vothlo@wolfsbane
– Aleira@deepwood
– Darksofiya@Gelidra

Codes have been sent to the email address you entered – make sure you redeem the codes before 30 April 2017. If there are any issues redeeming a code, let me know, either through an email or a message on Twitter!

Enjoy the Tusker mounts 😉

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  1. Evla@brisesol 10/05/2017

    Thank you very much, I took my ladder out of the closet, climbed on my beautiful elephant and walked through Telara with

    Big kiss

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