There’s a lot more Rift on the Internet. While I’ve linked a bunch below, consider them just the first leg of a quest 😉


RIFT | Your epic fantasy adventure
In the epic fantasy MMORPG RIFT you’ll purge evils from dungeons, battle against legions of elemental invaders, and build your very own Dimension! Ready for the adventure?
Prancing Turtle
A combat log parsing website for RIFT MMORPG. Powered by turtles, for players.
The Ghar Station
A news site focused on data mining, news, and occasionally guides!

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This channel will have lots of build guides for the players who are having a hard time nailing down a rotation! Look for all 5 callings as well as "How to" style videos centered around rifts systems and addons! If you enjoy the content, make sure to Like and Subscribe to recieve an email when I put out new stuff. Thank you for visiting my channel, keep checking back for new releases! Happy Rifting! Facebook -


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