In the 5 years that Rift has been around, we’ve seen thousands of screen shots, and a good share of Rift related concept art. The Internet does not forget easily, but not everyone has excellent Google-fu.

So, while I’ll keep filling this site with a combination of my own screenshots and things I find online, I’d love for people to submit any cool screenshots, concept art or fan art they want to show off. This way we can grow an awesome archive celebrating the beauty of the game called Rift.

Note that this website is not affiliated to Trion. The Rift trademark and logo are owned by Trion. Images hosted on this website will remain property of their original maker/owner. 

Registration for this website is free and will enable you to upload pictures. Your account details and email address will only be used for any issues with or questions about screenshots you submitted, or sending a password reset link when you request one.