Rift can be a bit daunting when taking screenshots. The process, however, isn’t that complicated. Often it’s just a matter of finding the right spot, facing the right angle, and having the right time of day and weather.

Unless you want to show off your DPS, gear or group, it’s best to just hide the game interface when taking a shot. The default key bind for this is CTRL-U. If you press it once, name tags will still be visible. Pressing it twice will hide even name tags. You could then frame the picture, and press PRINT-SCREEN to take a screenshot.

There’s also an absolute shortcut to this – there’s a key bind which completely hides the interface and takes a screenshot. In my experience it’s an actual faster method too. In order to do this, just press CTRL-P. You can still do this when you manually hide the interface to frame a picture, with the added benefit it will turn the interface back on afterwards.

If you want the ‘camera experience’, you can zoom in fully in order to put the game camera in first person mode. Rift actually knows two zoom levels, which can be swapped around with ALT-Z. For quick switching, I’d suggest making the second zoom level first person view.

Rift will store screenshots in the Documents\RIFT\Screenshots\ folder for your user account. They’ll be in jpeg format, with the date and time for a file name.


  • Find the right spot in the game
  • Frame your subject with a minimal (or no) interface
  • (optional) Zoom in completely to first person view
  • Press CTRL-P to take a screenshot
  • Find your screenshots in Documents\RIFT\Screenshots for your user account