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Vostigar Peaks, Part II

Leaving the source drained areas, the scenery changes as we enter the tundras of Vostigar Peaks – a place which, in another time, must have been gorgeous and quiet. Some of this can still be experienced in the Glen of Ahnket. This tundra, however, is where the forces of Ahnket and Crucia now clash.


Vostigar Peaks spreads out before you. It is a cool, sweeping mountain range, gently cradling pastoral hills dotted with regal conifers. It is a feast for the senses, and, in any other circumstances, a place where one could enjoy a few years of quiet contemplation… but not now.

You have traveled to the tail of the comet with Orphiel and Asha, hoping to end this long struggle once and for all. You’ve learned so much about Ahnket and her wide array of minions and allies as you slowly pushed your way to this serene valley. Surely you can lead the Telaran forces to a decisive victory over Ahnket!

Battle rings out below you, echoing off the snow-clad peaks. The peaceful setting is marred with violent clashes between uncanny Tenebrean automata and the tyrannical might of the Legions… of Crucia. She has returned!

You are caught in the middle of this Celestial Storm of titanic power, together with your Ascended allies, the fora and Simulacra Mages of Uttila. Can you survive? Should you leave and let the two great forces tear each other apart?

And then you hear the terrified whispers… the prophecies that drive this conflict are uncertain and shifting now. Can you really hand victory from one villain to another? Is Crucia’s tyranny an alternative to Ahket’s destruction? The seers are unsettled, confused – images of a feathered God-Queen of Telara switch to a Tenebrean devastation that burns the very source of a mortal’s soul. The weapons of this devastation alternate between steel and bronze.

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