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Scatherran Forest, Part I

After entering Alittu, the ascended will be sent into Scatherran Forest. I’ve fallen in love with this zone. It’s green, lush, and everything is just so pleasant to behold. I spent most of the weekend walking, running and riding through the zone, simply to enjoy it all.

I can recommend enabling ground clutter in the video settings for this zone. It adds that extra bit of oomph.


Ripped from the Plane of Life itself, Scatherran Forest is rich in verdant fecundity. The Fora, magical, sentient creatures native to the region, are threatened by seething corruption slowly emanating from the Tower. Journey to the Fora home town to discover more about them, and decide if you will answer their pleas for assistance.

Deeper into the woods you’ll also encounter the Tuath’de, progenitors of the elven races of Telara. Wilder in aspect than their cousins and adorned with horns, the Tuath’de, under the leadership of their queen, seek to harness the power of the Tower and other, even more corrupting fell magics. Push the Tuath’de back towards their base in Xarth Mire to help restore Scatherran Forest to its innocent state.

There are places aplenty to visit in the Scatherran Forest, and even more places you might wish to avoid!

Wyrdode, home of the Unicorns, is a beautiful glade where life and magic about in harmony. Also worthy of a trip is Blackthorn Falls, the ancient court of the Fae. There, a series of cascading waterfalls leaves a refreshing mist in the air to uplift and delight your spirit.

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