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Dungeon: Caduceus Rise

Caduceus Rise was Rift’s large, end-game dungeon, introduced with Ember Isle. In normal and expert modes, the dungeon was split up into two parts – Upper Caduceus Rise and Lower Caduceus Rise. The initial learning curve for the dungeon was steep, and unlike other

Caduceus Rise was also available in master mode. In master mode it’s a massive dungeon with 11 bosses, as well as 4 roaming invasion bosses. You could think of it as a 5 man raid.


The Black Spit Pirates, members of The Golden Maw, have been carrying plunder into a hidden vale reached through a cave in eastern Ember Isle. With this gold, the Maw have been infusing the body of their leader, Caduceus, with the power of Greed in an attempt to create a new body suitable for Laethys, the Dragon of Greed.

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