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2011: deviantART Create a Colossus Contest

You’re traveling through Telara as a bright light appears. A massive rift opens up and monsters start invading. Your team fights to protect their land. As they continuously battle the invading monsters, a massive, 10-story colossus appears.

deviantART is challenging artists to answer the question: What does this colossus look like in RIFT?

Choose one of the six planar themes: earth, air, fire, water, life, or death. Create concept art of a colossus using one of the themes. You can use your favorite image editing tool, a 3D program, or traditional media.

With these words, deviantART challenged people to get their creative juices flowing (even more than usual) and to come up with ideas for the planar zone event bosses, known as Colossi.

Below is just a small sample of the hundreds of entries in this contest. All can still be found on deviantART, and it’s definitely worth a browse!

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